Show Jumping
Show Jumping activities in the Shillelagh Pony Club varies from our youngest members jumping small crosspoles to our senior members jumping 1.20m.
The Minimus is a triathlon competition consisting of three disciplines - swimming, running and riding. Points are awarded for the results in each phase and the winner has the most points after the three phases.
Pony Club Tetrathlon provides Members with a challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability.
Flatwork / Warming Up ....
There are a number of simple things you can do on the day of the test to help settle your nerves and achieve a higher score in the test.

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At Shillelagh pony Club we try to organise events throughout the year. We hope that all members try to participate in as many activities as possible as that will help us to keep the activities going and fun for our members.

Show jumping - intro text

Show jumping will take place at working rallies as well as show jumping training sessions and the club participates in a number of Show Jumping events as follows: Junior Show Jumping (Robbie Bailey) Intermediate Show Jumping (John Ledingham) Members Show Jumping Senior Individual Each Area of the IPC runs an Area Qualifier to decide which branches will represent their Area at the championships. The teams placed first and second at the qualifier will go on to compete at the Chamionships.